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From the moment you step inside our Burlington optometry and optician office, you won’t believe what you see!

A welcoming environment sets you up for a thorough eye exam, where the latest technologies are used to evaluate the vision and health of your eyes. Our friendly, personalized approach during the eye exam process makes us suitable for members of the whole family – regardless of age. Specialized exams are available for patients with unique vision needs – such as dry eye or diabetes – or those requiring driver’s licence assessments and vocational tests.


Following your eye exam, browse our immense collection of designer eyeglass frames in a relaxed, pressure-free environment. For contact lens wearers, we offer professional fittings and training so that you can enjoy better vision in comfort.


We care about your family’s eye health and work hard to show you every time you visit us!



With a combined 15+ years’ experience in the optical and service industries, Sapna, Owner and Registered Optician, brings a wealth of experience to the Vision Optics team. After starting her optical career as an Associate, she soon became a licensed optician. Best known for her friendly, outgoing personality, Sapna is passionate about assisting patients during the frame and lens design and selection process.

Always an advocate for proper eye care, Sapna frequently reminds her two youngest patients (her two boys), to wear their non-prescription, Plano glasses with blue filters while enjoying their limited screen time. In her personal time (which is rare), Sapna enjoys baking, biking and bulk shopping.

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A graduate from an Egyptian medical school in 1992, Dr. Mora E.T. Hanna also has a Diploma of Ophthalmology (1998) from Cairo University. After moving to Canada, she completed the International Bridging Program at the University of Waterloo, School of Optometry in 2014. Before becoming a licensed Optometrist in 2015, Dr. Mora worked as an Ophthalmology Specialist in Egypt.

When she’s not working, Dr. Mora can often be found enjoying nature on a hike.

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